2018 Film Selection






2018 Films to be announced at the premiere on February 8th, 2018. Thank you to everyone who entered a film.


To attend the premiere click here or see click here to see more events in your area


Until then, check out our film lineup from 2017. 



2017 Intro

2017 Intro

2017 Bear Witness

Bear Witness

WINNER: Environmental Film, sponsored by ACA
Producer: Fitz Cahall | Nate Ptacek | Doug Niemela  Samantha Chadwick | Director: Nate Ptacek & Matt Van Biene
2017 Botella


Producer: Mike McKay, Director: Mike McKay
2017 Counter Balance

Counter Balance

Producer: O.A.R.S., Director: Gordon Klco
2017 Drawn to Water

Drawn To Water

Producer: Jacob Boling and Mark Deming, Director: Skip Armstrong
2017 Every Day Kayak Mistakes

Every Kayak Day Mistakes...

WINNER: Short Paddling Film, sponsored by Watersports Foundation
Producer: FTS Style, Director: Sebastien Leger
2017 Eyes of God

Eyes of God

WINNER: Whitewater Film, sponsored by Ottawa Valley
Producer: Olaf Obsommer, Director: Olaf Obsommer
2017 Kayak The Kwanza

Kayak The Kwanza

Producer: Carl Treeby, Director: Oscar Scafidi
2017 Labrador Passage

Labrador Passage

Producer: Peter Marshall Director: Peter Marshall

NOATAK: Return to the Arctic

Producer: Jason Fitzpatrick, Jen Serena, Ric Serena, Durand Trench, Director: Jason Fitzpatrick, Jen Serena, Ric Serena
2017 Rediscover North America

Rediscover North America

WINNER: Adventure Travel Film, sponsored by Kokatat
Producer: Winchell Delano, Director: Dan Flynn
2017 Sea Kayak Around Ireland

Sea Kayak Around Ireland

Producer: Cian Walsh, Director: Jon Hynes
2017 Sea Kayak Essentials Volume 2

Sea Kayak Essentials Volume 2 - Safety and Rescue

WINNER: Instructional Film, sponsored by Thompson Rivers University
Producer: Matthew Giblin & Nick Cunliffe, Director: Matthew Giblin & Nick Cunliffe
2017 SUP Surfing Barbados

SUP Surfing Barbados

WINNER: SUP Film, sponsored by Pelican
Producer: Heliconia, Director: Anthony Poulin

2017 SUP Surfing 101

SUP Surfing 101

Producer: Heliconia, Director: Ken Whiting
2017 canoe

The Canoe

WINNER: Canoeing Film, sponsored by Silverbirch
Producer: Goh Iromoto, Director: Goh Iromoto

2017 Kayak Fishing Experience

The Kayak Fishing Experience

WINNER: Kayak Fishing Film, sponsored by Pelican
Producer: Heliconia, Director: Kelsey Thompson
2017 Under The Bridge

Under the Bridge

Producer: Michael Craig - Teeny Tiny Films, Director: Michael Craig
2017 What You Take Away

What You Take Away: A Colorado River Reflection

Producer: Jeremy Monroe / Freshwaters Illustrated, Director: Jeremy Monroe & David Herasimtschuk
2017 why


Producer: We Are Hungry, Director: Hugo Clouzeau
2017 Women Outward Bound

Women Outward Bound

WINNER: Documentary Film, sponsored by the Canadian Canoe Museum
Producer: Maxine Davis, Melody Gilbert, Director: Maxine Davis

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