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Find answers to common questions related to the Reel Paddling Film Festival. Whether you're looking to buy the films you saw at a screening, or host a tour stop in your town, we've got the answers on how it's done.  

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Questions about World Tour films

Yes. Over the last year, we've received more than 50 paddling films from around the world. Films may have appeared and may have won other film festivals but they will be new to this year's World Tour.

We hope you do support paddling filmmakers by purchasing their films. All winning and short-listed films are listed in the RPFF evening program as well as here, including all the contact information you should want to buy their film.

Film selection is left up to your local host, who selects from the list of winning and short-listed films on this year's World Tour. Hosts choose the films they feel will be most appreciated by their core audiences. All films on the World Tour are listed in the RPFF evening program.

All entrants must complete the online submission form and complete a copy of the RPFF 2016 Rules and Regulations and 2016 Film Entry form.

The films entered in the Reel Paddling Film Festival are unrated. Edits have been made to remove some gratuitous nudity (usually skinning dipping) and colour language (i.e. swearing at a particularly stressful moment on an expedition) although some may remain if we feel it adds to the film in a humorous or dramatic way. For whatever it’s worth, we are comfortable screening all films with our families. 

For ticket sales, you should contact your local host. Check the World Tour schedule for the screening nearest you.

On the back cover the RPFF evening program you'll find a subscriptions form. Fill it out and drop it off in the ballot/subscription box provided by your host. 

We hope so. Click here for our host information package and application form. The World Tour is currently touring to more than 100 cities around the world. Availability depends on the dates you have mind as well as geographically how close you are to existing screenings. For general questions and inquiries about hosting the World Tour please contact: Ray Bretzloff, Festival Coordinator & Sales, coordinator@reelpaddlingfilmfestival.com